Fear of Death and Love for Life: Edith Stein and the Encounter with the Dying

By Stephan Kampowski|2024-03-04T10:14:56+01:0022 December 2021|Affectivity, Assisted Suicide, Bioethics, Book Reviews, End of Life Issues, Euthanasia|

The booklet here presented: "Ti sarò vicino. Sulle tracce di Edith Stein: empatia e incontro col morente" ["I shall be close to you. On the footsteps of Edith Stein: empathy and the encounter with the dying"] by Guido Miccinesi encourages us to interpret our fear of death in the light of our love for life. And we love life to the extent that there are people in it whom we love and inasmuch as we know ourselves to be loved. The main concern of the dying, then, turns out not to be so much different from the main concern of the living. In fact, there would seem to be a strict correspondence between our way of living and our way of dying. We want to love and be loved.

Review: Matthew Levering, Engaging the Doctrine of Marriage, Cascade Books, Oregon 2020

By Stefan Kaminski|2024-03-04T10:58:44+01:0025 August 2021|Book Reviews, Marriage and Family, Sacraments|

Levering has produced a volume rich in breadth, in source material and in themes. Each chapter achieves three things: a retrieval of important source material; an engagement with contemporary theology (critics included); and a clear endpoint for earthly marriage as an image of the mystical marriage. The book’s clear, eschatological focus is a powerful and needed reminder in the face of a loss of faith, and its content an invaluable resource.

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